Guidance Staff
Students A-F   Jill St. Martin, Guidance Counselor (
Students G-M  Lauren Chase, Guidance Counselor  ( 
Students N-Z   Sharyn Mulvaney, Guidance Counselor (
Cynthia Cole:   School Psychologist (
Denise Laumeister:  Guidance Administrative Assistant (

Contact the Guidance Office
Hopedale Jr.-Sr. High School
25 Adin Street
Hopedale, MA  01747
Phone: (508) 488-5660
Fax:     (508) 634-4319

Hopedale Junior/Senior High School Guidance Services
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The Role of the Guidance Office
The student is the primary focus of all services provided by the Guidance Department. Through developmentally appropriate activities that include individual student planning, individual counseling, group guidance programs, responsive services, and collaboration with parents, students, administration, and teachers, the Guidance Office works to promote and enhance the academic, personal/social, and career development of students. Counselors serve as student advocates encouraging personal responsibility, healthy decision-making, and personal control. Two Guidance Counselors and a School Psychologist are available for the many issues confronting students academically and socially. While enhancing student growth, the Guidance staff supports the school mission.

Guidance Appointments
We welcome opportunities to meet with our students, either individually or in groups. Students are encouraged to seek a counselor’s assistance with any or all types of questions and concerns. Student appointments with the Guidance Counselors or the School Psychologist may be student or counselor/psychologist initiated. Students may sign up for an appointment directly with their counselor or through the Guidance Secretary. If a student comes to the Guidance Office to see their counselor and the counselor is not available, Mrs. Laumeister will have the student sign the appointment request sheet. When available, the counselor will either call the student to the office or issue a pass.

Parents as Partners
Parents are encouraged to call the Guidance Office whenever they have questions or concerns about their child’s well being. Communication is particularly important whenever there is a serious illness, death, separation, divorce, stress or other family crisis. For parent appointments, parents should either call the Guidance Office or email the counselor for a meeting time. Though we do our best to accommodate and respond when a parent walks in unscheduled, we would prefer a scheduled appointment so that we may best serve you and your child.

Chain of Communication
When there is an issue or concern that is specific to one of your child's academic classes/teachers, the recommended chain of communication is to first contact the subject teacher directly, either by phone or email. If a meeting is requested, the teacher or parent can inform the counselor if they wish the counselor to attend.  If a parent wishes to meet with more than one teacher, the counselor can arrange this meeting.


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