With regard to volunteering, whatever your own level of flexibility, P.A.C.E. always appreciates their parent volunteers, as do our teachers and staff.  Keep in mind that by volunteering, you will get to enjoy interacting with the kids, become friends with other parents, and accomplish things that truly make a difference.  We have many committees that are active at different times of the year and require various levels of commitment.  Your support and involvement are vital to P.A.C.E.'s success and there are numerous opportunities in which you can serve our school and our children. If you would like to volunteer for any event or activity, please feel free to contact one of the P.A.C.E. Officers

The Power of an Hour - P.A.C.E. motto for the coming year - if everyone volunteered an hour of their time, imagine what we could accomplish.  We need help on many committees and with many events during the year - please share your time or strengths to make our organization the best that it can be!! 

The following are our current committee chairs.  One of the chairs will contact you before the event if you signed up to help on the P.A.C.E. Volunteer form.  If you have not signed up to help, but would like to, please contact the appropriate chair.  Thank you for your support.

Committee Help Needed:


Officer and Committee Positions 2013-2014


President – Jamie Deppe

Vice- President – Tara Corcoran

Treasurer – Liz Small

Ways & Means – Lisa MacDonald, Monica Phillips, and Cheryl Leider

Secretary – Kate Poitras



  •   Directory – Helene Carlin, Andrea Rutkowski, and Lisa MacDonald (advertising)
  •   Science Fair – Madhu Kaushik and Colleen Whiting
  •   School Wide Enrichment – Jamie Deppe 
  •   Welcome to P.A.C.E. – Jamie Deppe
  •         Kindergarten Social – Jamie Deppe
  •   Back to School Committee – Jamie Deppe
  •   Cookbook – Donna Marchionni, Leslie Morris, Jana Loughlin, Kimberly Minogue
  •   Fun Run – Kate Poitras & Tara Corcoran
  •   Picture Day –Martha Gosselin
  •   Halloween Dance – Monica Phillips
  •   Thanksgiving Baskets – Jamie Deppe
  •        Book Fair –Sheri Hayes and Donna Marchionni
  •   Talent Show – Jodi Faath, Lisa MacDonald, Tara Costanza
  •   Holiday Shopping & Vendor Fair – Monica Phillips
  •        BINGO – Jamie Deppe
  •   Family Game Night – Barbara Hagan
  •   Providence Bruins/Worcester Tornadoes –Christina DiMaio
  •   Healthy Habits – Lisa Kenney (Family Health and Fitness Night, Snack Challenge, Walkable Wednesdays)
  •   School Apparel Sale – Monica Phillips
  •   Teacher Appreciation Week – Jamie Deppe
  •   6th grade citizenship award – Jamie Deppe and Lisa Kenney
  •   Field Day – Lisa Kenney, Tara Corcoran, and Kristine O’Loughlin
  •   Grants  HELP NEEDED
  •   Recycling printer cartridges – Laura Aldrich
  •   Recycling Terracycle –Tracey Waswill, Monica Phillips and Jamie Deppe
  •   Paper Recycling (Albiti) – Carol Hall  
  •   Books and Beyond Program -  Tara Corcoran
  •   Genevieve's Fall Fundraiser - Lisa MacDonald 
  •   Barnes & Noble Night - Tara Corcoran 


Last Modified on September 19, 2013